BST North America has been serving customers in Canada, the United States and Mexico for over 30 years. What began as a three person office in Rockford has gone through numerous acquisitions and mergers over the years, and grown into an organization of more than 70 persons in three locations and over 38,000 installations!

Along the way we have earned the title as the largest supplier in the US, Canada and Mexico of systems for quality control and assurance, in the markets we serve: our market share in print inspection systems is # 1 and we have four times as many installations as our closest competitor.

Unique portfolio of Products

Our portfolio of products is very unique and no company in North America has an equivalent offering. We have many standard product solutions and the possibility for custom solutions as well. Our product portfolio allows combining web guiding, color measurement, surface inspection, video web inspection, register control, process automation, 100% inspection and coating thickness measurement to achieve customer specific solutions using standard products.

And our product lines are broad – offering a variety of choices in each category….so there is almost always a solution that matches your needs.

Quality, Reliability & Durability

Our products are carefully engineered and built to work reliably and last for years and years. Cutting edge technology made with quality components and user interfaces that are always easier to use - are just a few of the reasons so many have been loyal customers over the years. Our products have earned that privilege.