Video Web Inspection System POWERScope 5000


BST eltromat responded to the market's constantly growing demands on print quality of labels, packaging and other print products. The company has developed the POWERScope 5000 as the successor of POWERScope 4000. The system is a result of the strengths of the previous system. Designed as an entry-level model, the POWERScope 5000 thus continues to be characterized by an attractive price-to-performance ratio.

The modular system delivers substantially improved image quality. Machine operators can quickly and reliably detect irregularities on the press. The wear-free, electronic zoom makes for excellent, distortion-free images of the printed webs - and it does so with consistently very high image quality. The high-performance LED flash offers a long service life with no reduction in the light intensity, ensuring uniform illumination of the webs. Another notable feature is the compact size of the camera unit. Designed for label printing and other narrow-web applications, it can also inspect wider material webs without any difficulty.

A stroke of genius is the simplicity of the innovative operating concept with intuitive gesture control, such as familiar from smartphones, for example. At the same time, the user interface guarantees clarity: it offers the machine operators only those functions that make sense in the current situation. A user-friendly touch-screen monitor is optionally available for displaying the live images and operating the system.

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