Competencies | BST North America

What makes us special

Solutions Tool Kit Sales Approach

We have knowledgeable sales people - most of whom have many years of market knowledge and applications experience - who will seek to understand your application, your problem and your needs; and then dig into their “Product Portfolio Tool Kit” and offer solutions.


Focus on Results

Our products are designed to help you produce a higher quality product, more productively and efficiently. Core benefits of every product we have are to reduced waste, maximize machine up time, reduce and minimize down time, optimize productivity and enhance and improve quality. The success of our products is judged by the results you receive.


Service, Service, Service

We believe that outstanding service and customer support are absolute requirements today. Our North American organization is comprised of almost 30 persons in technical service, parts support and customer support. So if and when you need us, we are there, available and ready to help – in person, on the phone or via the internet.