ICE USA: Highlights from BST North America


ICE USA: Highlights from BST North America for the Converting Industry

At the ICE USA 2019 trade show (in Louisville, KY from April 9 – April 11), the topics of web guiding and inspection will be in the foreground at the booth of BST North America and its sister company AccuWeb (Booth 1501). Therefore, at the joint trade show booth, visitors will find a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that seamlessly cover the converting industry’s numerous technical and economic challenges. Solutions will be presented that were developed in close contact with customers, both tried and tested solutions as well as newer ones. The guiding and inspection systems combine to offer an extensive portfolio for all needs in terms of ensuring and controlling quality in web-oriented processes.  Under the motto “Helping You Excel – from Pre-press to Delivery” the company will present a variety of new and enhanced solutions for converters.

Web Guiding to Help You Excel
In terms of web guiding, BST North America will be presenting multiple demos at ICE USA 2019. Depending on the requirements for the products to being manufactured, the web guiding solutions from BST North America can be equipped with various sensors, controllers, actuators and guiding devices. They are implementable in a correspondingly diverse way.

Like all of the company’s web guiding systems, the CompactGuide, is extremely easy to operate using its simple controller. The intuitive operation is constructed in an extremely logical way, and at first glance, the operator sees whether the materials are being properly controlled. If required, they can quickly and easily intervene in order to ensure consistently high production quality. On display will be compact guides of varying sizes and available options.

Special highlight will be the new AccuNET controller from AccuWeb. With intuitive operation, faster response and a higher-resolution graphical display, the flexible touchscreen of the new contoller offers maximum operating convenience. The new system provides support in all the areas where it makes sense to use a touchscreen – during setup or for direct data input, for example. Its keys feature “tactical feedback” to prevent incorrect operation. The new AccuNET is 100% compatible with all point source and WideArray edge detectors. The AccuNET controller will be part of a moving web demo in the booth at Labelexpo, where visitors can see real-time demonstrations of web oscillation, guide point adjustment, web width monitoring, and DualEdge technology for centerline guiding with a single WideArray edge detector.


Attendees to ICE USA will also be able to see how the line and contrast sensor CLS Pro 600 works. In the area of web guiding, BST North America gives its customers a selection of eco, basic, and high-end solutions. They are suitable for both narrow and wide web applications and are customized for special assignments as needed.

“In addition to the flexible configurability of our web guiding systems for countless applications, the wide range of sensors we offer is one of the main reasons why so many converters around the world use these systems,” says Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management at BST eltromat.

Inspection to Help You Excel
To demonstrate 100% inspection ICE USA visitors will see a running exhibit of the iPQ-Check module in Louisville. The iPQ-Check is part of a modularly-constructed system that offers extensive possibilities for quality assurance in order to target the best production results. The abbreviation iPQ stands for “increasing Productivity and Quality” in the production process. The module for 100% inspection is called iPQ-Check, while iPQ-View covers digital video web monitoring tasks and iPQ-Spectral is a tool for inline spectral color measurement. iPQ-Workflow integrates these three modules into a common quality assurance process which creates the basis for the continuous optimization of web converting processes. The iPQ-Center reliably recognizes and records errors, so machine operators are in a position to quickly and easily intervene in the process and correct settings.

Visit BST North America and AccuWeb at Booth 1501.