Update: COVID-19 Statement to our Partners & Customers | BST North America

Update: COVID-19 Statement to our Partners & Customers


01 June 2020

BST North America/AccuWeb COVID-19 statement to our Customers & Partners

At the time of this writing, we’re moving into the third month of the COVID-19 virus, with the incomprehensible news that of over 100,000 Americans have lost their lives to this virus.  We all knew three months ago how serious this was, but when faced with the actual numbers, it becomes much more real.  Like me, I’m sure many of you have had loved ones, friends or colleagues who have either contracted the virus or worse, lost their lives to it.  There are no good words to express our feelings or offer solace for these difficult times, but our prayers are with all of you. 

BST/AccuWeb has been proud to play a small part in the critical supply chain during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We will continue to do our part to keep the supplies needed, on the shelves and in the hands of the brave people working on the frontlines battling this virus. 

All 50 States are beginning some sort of phased opening plan.  Some States have just opened, but many States have required masks and social distancing to keep everyone safe and stop the spread of the virus.  If you watch the news, it is clear that there is no comprehensive plan and opinions have differed greatly.  However, at BST/AccuWeb, we are taking the safest approach possible to keep our family safe, regardless what the Federal, State or Local Government might say. 

Our Madison factory has been open and busy since the beginning, but we have taken every precaution to ensure everyone is safe.  Our Elmhurst Service Center has also remained open, but only with minimum staffing, all other Service Techs have been working from home.  However, Service has begun a slow, phased opening, allowing our Techs to travel to customers who can’t resolve issues over the telephone or TeamViewer.  Each service request is evaluated by BST Management before a decision is made to send someone.  Sales will continue to work from home, but can now travel to customers, if a customer makes a request for a visit.  Again, each request will be evaluated by BST Management before our Salesperson commits to an in-person visit.  If you feel these precautions are to extreme, we’re sorry you feel this way, but the health and safety of the BST/AccuWeb family is our first concern. 

I don’t believe anyone can predict when we’ll get back to normal, and if normal will even look like the normal we had back in February.  Also, like many of you, I wonder when or if we will ever have a vaccine, but until then we must continue to be vigilant.  Everyone is tired, everyone wants this to end, but as I read in a friends Facebook post this morning, “the virus doesn’t care if you’re tired, it doesn’t care that the weather is nice, it doesn’t care that you want life to get back to normal, and it doesn’t care if you think wearing a mask is stupid, the virus just continues to be relentless in infecting everyone it can”.  If anyone has any questions or requires additional information, please feel free to reach out by phone or email. 

Stay safe & healthy,

Robert Buongiorno

BST North America/AccuWeb